The Vitality Group

Understanding where you currently are and where you would like to be financially is an important step. Unfortunately, without guidance and direction, many people will never take that critical first step.

At the Vitality Group, families, businesses, and professionals work with us to help clarify and work towards their goals utilizing a wide variety of financial solutions. Often, our clients have complex financial situations that benefit greatly from clear goals and a comprehensive strategy to pursue them


Our Partnership with North Star Resource Group

The Vitality Group is honored to be partnered with North Star Resource Group whose origins trace back to 1908. Our relationship with North Star allows us to have access to stable and innovative products, solutions, and services. Our relationship allows us to serve clients with many different financial circumstances.

North Star’s experienced and committed professionals offer the Vitality Group access to a broad range of wealth management services, diverse financial expertise, and powerful and responsive resources. 



It is our mission to provide clarity and confidence by helping you define your goals and by creating a comprehensive strategy to help marshal your resources towards pursuing those goals.


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*Information as of 01/2022