Many people spend more time every year planning their next vacation than they do planning their financial future. It is our mission to provide clarity and confidence by helping you define your goals and by creating a comprehensive strategy to help marshal your resources toward achieving those goals. The fee-based process outlined below can be accomplished over the course of one discussion or several discussions depending on the complexity of your situation.



Establish and define a relationship

Explanation of services and responsibilities, including compensation, length of the relationship, and how to make decisions.


Establish your goals and gather data

Discuss your current financial situation and gather pertinent documents. Define your personal and financial goals.


Analyze and evaluate your financial status

We consider all aspects of your current situation to determine what you need to do to meet those goals.


Develop and present financial planning recommendations

Discuss recommendations, clearly define potential action items including the rationale so you can make informed decisions. Review concerns and revise recommendations if necessary.


Monitor and adjust your plan

Make sure you are staying on track by monitoring your plan. Adjust recommendations as life transitions and changes take place.


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